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Microsoft Office is a user-friendly and one of the highly used suites of outstanding applications. From profession to personal use, MS Office has always been at the peak of user demand. Office suite includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook and more. People across the world are curious and want to know more about these new versions of Microsoft Office, that’s why we’ve presented you Microsoft’s new Office 2019, 365, and other Office versions.

Office 2019 & its feature

Microsoft Office 2019 is a stand-alone version of the Microsoft Office Setup. It’s not cloud-based, like Office 365; however, it is a “perpetual” suite, which strongly covers the saying “you buy the software once and own it forever.” It means once it is purchased, you will own it for the lifetime. Also, you get rid of having to pay an annual subscription fee to access it.

Note: Remember that you only get a license to use Office 2019 subscription on a single computer system; while a subscription to Office 365 lets you use it on a computer, a tablet, and a smartphone as well.

Office 2019 presents a number of new features worth knowing about, though some of those features may already have been seen of Office 365; many new features (as listed below) are the key behind Office 2019’s growing popularity.

MS Word – Get the things done with ease:

  • Focus Mode in Word
  • Word Translator
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Better inking functionality
  • Customizable Office ribbons

MS Excel – Execute some more advanced data analysis:

  • Funnel charts and 2D maps
  • New Excel functions (TEXTJOIN, CONCAT, IFS, SWITCH)

MS PowerPoint – Start creating more impactful presentation/content:

  • Better roaming pencil case
  • Morph transition feature
  • Enter and manage Icons, SVG, and 3D models
  • Play in-click sequence in PowerPoint
  • 4K video export
MS Outlook –  Manage emails like a pro:
  • @mentions
  • Focused inbox
  • Email templates
  • Read and delivery receipts
  • Office 365 Groups in Outlook*
  • Travel and delivery summary cards
  • Send Later to keep or schedule the delivery of emails
MS Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription. Here the cloud is a symbol for the Internet. In simple terms, cloud computing means that your Microsoft Office 365 software or applications, data, and computing needs are accessed, stored, and occurred over the Internet under the surveillance of cloud.

Visit for Purchasing, downloading, installing and then activating the latest versions of MS Office. However, this whole process of setting up Office suite requires a series of expert guidelines and steps to be followed s mentioned below.

Requirements for Office Setup
  • Before you begin with the Office setup, you first need to check out the Office 2019 system requirements as given below.
  • Basic things for Office installation are – 4GB of RAM (2GB for the 32-bit version), DirectX 9 or later, and at slightest a dual-core processor.

Note: However, the systems requirements aren't are a complex subject to understand, yet you are recommended to have Windows 10 running on your device for the Windows version of Office 2019.

Download, install and activate Office 365 or Office 2019
  1. Go to and tap Sign-in if you aren’t already signed-in.
  2. Make sure you sign in with the account associated with the Office version you want to download.
  3. This account can be a Microsoft account, or school or work account.
  4. After signing in, go to the “my account” page.
  5. Select your Office product, tap Download and follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Doing so will now begin downloading Office on your device.
  7. Then go to the Download folder where you have downloaded your Office product file setup.
  8. Open the file depending on your browser.
  9. After that, select “Yes” when the User Account Control appears saying “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?”
  10. Doing so will begin the installation process. Select “Close” when installation is finished.
  11. Then follow the instructions in the window to find your Office Application.
  12. After you click Accept to agree with the License terms, you can start using an Office application right away by tapping it to open.

If you need to any help regarding Activation, visit setup to get your issues solved by taking experts advice.